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He's (she) really a nice guy (girl) BUT, there just isn't a spark there. One evening several years ago a friend invited me over for conversation. We went outside where his fire pit had remnants of what once was a warm blaze. All that was left was smoke, smolder, and ashes. I said "he let's start a fire" he replied "it's too much trouble, the spark is gone". I grabbed a few twigs and a couple larger pieces of wood. I threw them in the pit, within minutes we had a nice little blaze going. All it took was effort and desire.

That little life metaphor may seem silly, but let's give it application to the spark you think is missing. I'm a firm believer that we only see what we are looking for (good or bad). If I am correct, most people view the world and the people around them with defensive lenses. It isn't that we can't see or feel the spark, we are conditioned not to. The safer route is to search for what is wrong in a relationship or l…

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