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The Voices

Over the years I have bounced from agnostic, to atheist, to deist, to theist. In no particular order. I'm sure for those familiar with those terms that you would hope I wound up theist. The truth is, that in various stages of life I have found myself debating with the voices in my head for the validity of each one. There are implied truths of theism I can adhere to. There are scientific facts that can easily shift my thoughts to atheism, as well as the other aforementioned positions.

As I work diligently to find my equipoise in life the voices in my head tend to work overtime. What I find fascinating is that regardless the proposition I pose to myself, the voices always have a counter argument. There are times in which it is relevant to have contradictory paths for the voices in your head to chose. HOWEVER there are also times when I wish the fork in the road was much more defined.

Okay, you can begin to see, that as I listen to the voices my head spins at a warp speed trying to f…

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