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A Life Worth Living

It was late summer 1976 and us street kids were hanging out behind Lucky Food Store off San Thomas Expressway. It was our little secret gathering spot. In our youthful, yet wise way, we solved the weight of the world at each meeting. Well, the world, as we knew it. There was usually three or four of us that got together, Wendy, Marco, Baggy, sometimes Wormy, and now the new comer Skip. We were all wandering generalities living only for the moment. We had little to no interest in the morrow, our lives centered around today. This was a very close, yet loosely knitted group of youth, that to the outside world had everything going against them. To us, well we had each other, and that gave us a richness few understood.

One evening as myself, Baggy, and Skip were having one of our life conversations, we received news that Marco's family left Santa Clara abruptly. We never knew why, but as we mourned the departure of our friend a wonderful dialogue ensued. Skip with his street wisdom br…

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