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Choose Life

Don't die before you are dead
I had a wonderful friend named Jennifer tell me "to have hope in your future you must have power in the present". It took several years for me to grasp the simplicity of her statement. I, like many, spend to much energy looking back to the past that I forget that life is only in the here and now. Hope, as Jennifer reminded me, is reserved for the future. You can't have hope in the now, because now is now you can only live it. Hope is in fact a future, forward thinking, element of living life to the fullest.

When we relegate ourselves to yesterday, we become prisoners to our past. That in and of itself robs us of the ability to live in the present. Hope is the essence of life, however it's also something we have very little of when our life is out of balance emotionally and spiritually. Most of us have had those surreal moments when time seems to stand still. The phone call, the sudden death of a loved one, the car wreck, the break up…

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