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What do you EXPECT

The title says it all doesn't it? 
Okay I have deleted this blog four times. Not because it was wrong, but because it wasn't right. I, like many, stumble through life, never allowing our true self to be revealed. When I say true self, I am referring to the voice in our head that continually feeds whatever emotion is confronting us at the moment. As I sit here writing this blog it became apparently clear that I WAS NOT writing what I felt or thought, I was writing what I felt would be popular. In essence I was not being honest with myself. That begs the question, what do I expect out of life or people if I don't have the courage to be honest with myself? 
I'll never forget the few weeks I was attending a particular church. The pastor was rather charismatic, which I do not mind, yet his message was lost or accentuated in his fiery rhetoric. That would depend on where you were focused, I suppose. If you were taken in by his theatrics then you might have found yourself in…

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