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You are Not Alone

For several years I've attempted to keep my blogs raw and real. There was a time that I wrote what I felt people in my sphere of influence desired to hear, but that all changed five years ago. Since then I do my best to write from the heart. When I say raw and real, it is my intention to make sure the human emotion is captured so as to keep the words relevant.
Two weeks ago I was working in my store, a gentleman came in with two of his children. They all ordered box lunches. As some of you know I write, what I hope to be, inspiring messages in each box. The family of three sit down and the man opened his box. The quote said "God didn't bring you this far just to leave you". He was going through a difficult time in his life and for some reason that quote set him off. He was more than happy to air his disdain for what I had written. Thank goodness they finished their meals and exited. Fast forward a week, the man came back with one of his daughters. I am thinking '…

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